Hindutva and politics of recovery

A liberal is described as someone who hates Hinduism. He is also privileged and enjoys smoking, alcohol and is a womanizer. It is not a coincident that BJP leaders were counting condoms in JNU. Contrast this with the image of RSS pracharak, who lives a life of ascetic, renounces family and is completely devoted to the nation and religion, and the political use of Hindu religious symbols by BJP to build a political narrative of emancipation and recovery becomes clear. Thus, Hindutva transcends its political imagery, to become a narrative of emancipation from corruptions of modernity and liberalism.

Politics and Post-Truth

The incomprehensibility of the contemporary society prepared the ground for a post-truth society by replacing empiricism of everyday life with the transcendental mode of cognition. This allowed the mainstream media to form an alliance with political power to build dishonest narratives. The rise of social media freed the practice of politics of its material constraints and people use it to challenge the dishonest narratives.

Small Infrastructure-3

आर्थिक उदारीकरण के कारण जिस तेजी से शहरीकरण हो रहा है उसने भारत में मकान के प्रश्न को बहुत गंभीर बना दिया है | भारत में हर साल लाखों लोग रोजगार और बेहतर जीवन के तलाश में गाँव से शहरों की तरफ बढ़े चले आ रहें है मगर हमारे शहर इसके लिए तैयार नहीं है | पानी, और सड़क से लेकर मकान तक का प्रश्न हमारे सामने एक विकराल समस्या के सामने खड़ा दिखता है |

Small Infrastructure-2

Even after 70 years of independence, we, not only fail to provide basic amenities like water to a large population of India but also neglect the deprived and backward communities of our society. Equitable distribution of resources is one of the conditions for a functional democracy. Failure to provide it will only lead to a dysfunctional democracy.

The small infrastructure

For a democracy to be efficient, it should be able to make the small and marginal visible. Representative must be held accountable for their failure to highlight the marginal and not to celebrate the magnificent. Political discourse have to find the language to articulate the marginal, more so in current environment when the discourse is dominated by the large.